Wobble board types Introduction

Wobble boards benefit a lot to human health. They are designed for balance improvement, rehabilitation of injuries and general strength. There are several different types of balance boards on the market. Each of them have different strength and flexibility. If you want to get the most proper one, it is necessary to know the difference of different types. Here we introduce wobble board exercise types for your reference.

Wobble board types

Traditional Wobble Board is the most common one you can see. A traditional wobble board is usually made up of a round, disk-like platform over a partial or half ball affixed to the center, bottom of the platform.

Rocker Board is made up a square or rectangular flat platform, and it is placed on a round pivot point. It is also a regular model you can find in the US.

Half Bal is also very popular nowadays, it is usually made of a flat plastic platform on one side and the half globe of an inflated rubber ball on the other.

Balance Cushion is similar to the half or balance ball, but does not present as severe a test due to a less extreme curve on the inflated round side.

Rotational Disks are made of a relatively thin, flat platform most often round. The top surface of it rotates smoothly in a circular motion.

Here are 5 types of wobble board that is common nowadays. Compare them and make a right decision and buy the most proper for you.