Wobble board exercises for Ankles

As we know, wobble board benefits a lot to people’s health, and one of the most important advantage is the improvement of ankle strength. For those who have injured the ankle, it is wise to regain strength and stability by wobble board exercise. Here we share some wobble board exercises tips for Ankles for your reference.

Wobble board exercises Ankles

For those who have a injured ankle, please start the wobble board exercises slowly. You can sit in a chair and place both feet on the wobble board about shoulder-width apart.Then rotate the wobble board in all directions with your feet.

Rotate the Wobble Board While Standing works well for ankle health. You can just stand on the wobble board and then slowly rotate the board around and around so that the edges of he board come in contact with the floor. Do this for up to 3 minutes and it will help you a lot.

You can also rock the Wobble Board in order to maximize the output. Standing in the back of a chair, set the wobble board down and grasp the chair back for balance though you stand on the wobble board, your feet about shoulder-width apart. Rock on the wobble board back and forth after which from side to side. Do that slowly for about three minutes.

Finally, balance on the wobble board also works well. Try to stand on the board for at least three minutes while trying to keep the board still.
You will feel easy to stand on there as you gain more strength and balance.

Here we share some wobble board exercises tips for Ankles. If you have ankles problems and want to cure it fast, buy this Fitter first 20″wobble board, have a try and you will feel it amazing.