Will Dieting Causes Cellulite?

It is usually accepted that exercise can not reduce cellulite significantly, so many believe that bad eating habit will not cause cellulite. But it is not true. The recent studies show that dieting is one of the main causes of metabolic disorders, and will lead to cellulite in women.

Dieting Causes Cellulite

It is reported that the problem lies not exactly in dieting but rather in constant changes of diet plans. That is especially true about modern day females who try numerous unique diets for the sake of eliminating extra kilos, that are swiftly regained as they quit. Dietitians assert the so known as fasting days are most hazardous to woman’s skin. They assume that throughout today the structure of adipose tissue is irreversibly disrupted, which leads to improvement of cellulite.

Because of that, if you do not want to have excess cellulite and wants to keep fit, it is necessary to keep a good diet manner and healthy way of life. Dieting will cause cellulite so you should be careful always.