Where and how to buy menstrual cup online?

Where to buy menstrual cup? Many ask us such question. We suggest you to buy menstrual cup online as it is easy and usually cheaper. Here we tell you how to do in detail.

buy menstrual cup online

  • First of all, you should determine which menstrual cup you want to buy. Usually it is not easy to choose a cup if it is the first time you buy a cup.
  • Choosing a menstrual cup can seem as overwhelming as picking a cloth diaper system.Unlike diapers for your baby it makes more sense to pick one to try and hope it works, then if you find it isn’t the best fit for you, use what you know about the first cup you tried and work based off of your likes and dislikes to pick the next one.
  • We prefer the Diva Cup and Lunette towards the Keeper cup, largely simply because they are additional flexible. When you are asking yourself in case your vagina is short you can attain in; should you can attain your cervix effortlessly with a finger then you definitely could choose to attempt a shorter cup or possibly use a Size 1, though most women that have given birth would be most effective to begin having a size 2.
  • We also suggest you to consider if the cup is soft for you. For women who have not given birth, we suggest you to pick The Keeper cup as it is harder. You can also pick some other brand and choose from softer cup, regular, or hard cup as you want.
  • When you determine everything, you can start to place your order. The best way to buy menstrual cup is to get it online. You can choose from many brands, and pick the one with best price. If it is not quite urgent, you can wait for the discount and buy menstrual cup at really great price online.