What is the proper Dosage of Spirulina for Arthritis?

Spirulina is a popular herb which are common in supplements and health foods. Generally speaking, the suggested daily dose of spirulina is 2,000 to 3,000 milligrams. For different people, we suggest you to take different dosage. Here we explain What is the proper Dosage of Spirulina for Arthritis for your reference.

proper dosage of spirulina for arthritis

Spirulina is consider to be safe generally. But it is reported that some spirulina and other forms of blue-green algae may be contaminated by bacteria or heavy metals abd nat lead to serious health problems . So it is very important to buy spirulina from manufacturer of good reputation, or any dosage will be harmful. Spirulina is consider to be effective for Arthritis. It is reported that spirulina can help protect cartilage integrity, have anti-inflammatory effects and help with weight loss. So you can try that supplement if you suffer from arthritis.

Protection against cartilage damage was achieved with an eight day regimen of 100 to 400 mg per kilogram per body weight and anti inflammatory effects and weight loss was observed using 800 mg per kilogram per body weight. Alternative health care practitioners typically recommend between 3 g to 5 g of spirulina powder daily, depending on the symptoms that have to be improved and other herbs recommended for arthritis.

For those who suffer from arthritis and desire to use spirulina for the situation, consult a qualified health-care provider to receive optimal dosage, attainable side effects, drug interactions and also other supplements that operate synergistically with spirulina to enhance arthritis. Keep in mind that spirulina does not replace any traditional drugs your are at present taking for arthritis and has not been approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat arthritis.

In fact, Spirulina benefits does not only for Arthritis patients but also for almost all people as it is an important source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and plant chemicals. If you want to know more, just read the rest articles of spirulina in our website.

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