What is the proper Dosage for Astragalus Root for Adult and Children?

Astragalus is an herb that has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. Astragalus root can be taken by children and adults, but the dosage differs according to the type of preparation being used and the size of the individual. Here we make a brief introduction on proper Dosage for Astragalus Root for Adult and Children.

Astragalus Root dosage

Astragalus root contains antioxidants which can help to remove harmful free radicals from the body. It is also used for the treatment of constipation and bladder infections and to protect against cold viruses and to bolster the immune system.

What about the doseage of Astragalus Root for Adult?

The recommended dosages of astragalus root is various. It can be taken in a standardized extract, tea or decoction, powdered root, tincture or ointment. It is reported that taking 250 to 500 mg standardized extract three to four times daily is proper dosage for adults. A tea containing 6 to 12 g of dried root in 12 ounces of water can be used three times daily, and 500 to 1,000 mg of powdered root is taken three to four times a day. For burns, use a 10 percent astraglus topical ointment, as directed by your physician.

What about the doseage of Astragalus Root for Children?

Although astragalus root is safe generally, do not give that to kid without the supervision of your healthcare provider in order to avoid the risks. It is reported thatthat the pediatric dosage is calculated using the standard adult dosage based on a 150-lb. individual. For example, a child weighing 35 lbs. would take about 1/4 the adult dose, and a child weighing 50 lbs. would take 1/3 the adult dosage.