What is the effect of Kava Kava on High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure will bring a lot of health problems, so it is necessary to control your blood pressure at proper level. You can take a lot of measures to achieve that such as stop smoking, losing weight, eating a healthy diet and doing regular exercise. Taking supplement such as kava kava is also a good way to maintain your blood pressure level. Here we tell you What is the effect of Kava Kava on High Blood Pressure in detail.

effect of Kava Kava on High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is a common disease nowadays. When your blood stress gets as well higher, you happen to be at a larger threat of a heart attack or stroke. You will find quite a few elements that raise the danger of high blood pressure which include age; gender; family history; nationality; a sedentary life style; unhealthy consuming habits and smoking. Treating high blood stress needs obtaining the underlying lead to to ensure that the most effective therapy method is usually determined. If your blood stress is dangerously high you could will need medication.

Anxiety is related to high blood pressure too. Although anxiety it self dose not cause high blood pressure. Chronic stress and anxiety can also cause damage to the heart muscle and kidneys which is concern, because the kidneys help to control fluid balance and in turn, blood pressure. So we can say that anxiety is closely related to high blood pressure.

Kava kava is an herb which are popular nowadays. Kava kava root are commonly used teas and capsules for many medicinal purposes. One of its health benefits is to improve the condition of anxiety. Because of this, kava kava supplement help to control blood pressure well.

Generally speaking, kava may help to reduce anxiety levels and help to lower your blood pressure. But do not ignore the side effects of kava kava supplement before using it. We suggest yout to check with your physician before taking kava always.