What is the definition of flexitarian?

The word flexitarian is the combination of words “flexible” and “vegetarian”, so we can know the definition of it now. Generally speaking fexitarians eat as vegetarian most of the time, but they do not strictly follow this. Sometimes they also eat meat, fish etc. Flexitarian diet is effective for people to lose excess weight and avoid some disease such as heart disease, stroke, heart attack and high blood pressure, that’s why it is so popular today.

It is easy to act like a flexitarian than vegetarian. Vegetarians do not eat meat, so they usually have trouble getting the protein they needed. And as we know, meat is delicious, so if one determines to eat no meat anymore all his life, it is hard to promise. However, eating a flexitarian diet cannot only have the benefits vegetarian have, but also get enough protein for the body and avoid the disadvantages of a vegetarian.

flexitarian definition

There’s no strict limit on how often flexitarians eat meat. Most flexitarians eat meat on special occasions, when they have a hankering for it, or when there are no vegetarian options available. The key to eating a flexitarian diet is proportion. The greater part of your diet should consist of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, legumes, nuts and whole grains; you should eat meat sparingly.

So flexitarian is a good alternative for those who can’t follow strict vegetarian diets but want to keep healthy.

Flexitarians care about preserving their well being and don’t want to consume also significantly meat mainly because it is unhealthy. Additionally they generally care regarding the atmosphere and don’t want to eat a whole lot of meat due to the fact of your strain that raising animals for consumption areas around the Earth’s organic resources. Others object to the cruelty against animals rampant in the agricultural sector. For these motives, flexitarians try to eat only totally free variety organic meats and dairy.

If you want to become a flexitarian, first of all minimize your meat consumption. There are no set rules on how much meat you can eat as a flexitarian, but according to a doctor, it is more healthier to eat no more than twice a week. Follow this and you can gain better health.

A vegetarian diet can be difficult to maintain, many vegetarians also struggle with meat cravings. So when you know the definition of flexitarian, why not act like this?