What is the daily coenzyme q10 dosage

As we mention before, coenzyme Q10 benefits a lot to human body, it is necessary for energy production and is important part for cell functioning. In order to stay away from Coenzyme Q10 deficiency, it is necessary to , it can reputedly cause many health problems. Additionally, many of the reputed health problems related to Coenzyme Q10 deficiency are still the topic of controversy at this time.

dosage of co q10

Generally, the recommended daily dosage is 25 mg two times a day. There are experimental dosages that include: 100 mg a day if you have heart disease; 120 mg per day following a heart attack; and 400 mg per day for possible prevention, and treatment of breast cancer and other types of cancers.

Given that CoQ10 is fat-soluable, taking it using a fatty meals, such as soybean oil, olive oil, or peanut butter, could make it far more bioavailable and so far more is absorbed. Some supplement companies are combining CoQ10 with vital fatty acids in 1 supplement to make it far more easily absorbed. CoQ10 is not a drug, so it is not regulated as medicines are, only as a dietary supplement.

So if you determine to take CoQ 10 supplement, buy from well-known manufacturer and store with good reputation. Products with a USP seal ensures that the contents contain the ingredients in the amounts listed on the label.Do not forget to consult with a physician before taking CoQ10 in order to avoid drug reaction and the side effects..