What is plank exercise?

Plank exercise is an exercise which help to train your core muscles, improve your strength, balance and endurance. While doing plank exercise, you straighten your entire body and maintain it rigidly as a plank of wood. That’s why we called it “plank”. Plank requires no extra equipment so it is easy to do at home.

Here we briefly introduce how to carry out plank exercise for you.

  • First of all, lie on a level surface with belly down. Position your feet so that your toes touch the floor.
  • Then bring your hands forward near the sides of your head, so that your forearms lie on the floor, parallel to one another and to your torso.
  • Lift your torso and your legs off of the floor slowly. Put all your weight on your toes and forearms and elbows.
  • Keep your body straight as a rigid plank, hold the position for at least five seconds. And then gently bring your torso back to the ground when you complete the position .

Plank exercise defination

It is widely accepted that the plank position makes an effective component for your workout. The key areas impacted will be the abs and back, including the erector spinae as well as the rectus abdominus and transverse abdominus. Moreover, the position uses the trapezius, rhomboids, deltoids and pectoral muscles, on the upper physique, together with the gluteus maximus and quadriceps in the decrease physique.

If you want to increase the intensity of the plank position, you can use an inflatable exercise ball and start out with your belly on the ball. Also some other kind of advanced side plank exercise are helpful such as Side Plank and Modified Plank.