What is hemp oil?

Hemp oil is the extract from marijuana or cannabis plants. it is made from the seeds and can be used for oil, capsule form and used in soaps or other personal care products. The cannabis stavia plant has long been attributed to marijuana use and is considered illegal. But now it is also been used for its health benefits.

what is hemp oil is

Now you can buy hemp oil online or from natural health food stores in the form oil and/or capsules. Hemp oil has nutritional qualities and may be utilized as a salad dressing. It is not advised for cooking as it includes a low smoke threshold and shelf life. It requirements to be stored cold or in a cool, dark location since it tends to spoil relatively promptly.

According to recent research, hemp seeds are made up of 40 percent fat and 25 percent protein in the oil that is produced from the plant. The plant and oil is high in Omega-3 compounds, the same nutritional value as cold water fish.

Therapeutic effects of hemp oil consists of soaps that have the oil in them to moisturize dry skin; utilized in creams for the skin, which includes sun spots, wrinkles and precancerous cells and in shampoos for healthier hair. Anti-inflammatory properties aide in the relief from pain for cancer patients and those suffering from arthritis. Besides, hemp oil is beneficial to reducing the risk of heart attacks and cholesterol buildup in the veins.

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