What is Graviola Fruit?

Graviola is a plant which have a lot of health benefits. The graviola fruit is unattractive but it tastes well. Here we explain What is Graviola Fruit in detail.

Graviola Fruit is what

Generally speaking, Graviola fruit is the fruit of graviola tree. It mainly grows wild in the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico. The fruit is also known as pawpaw, soursop or guanaba. The graviola fruit is green having a prickly skin. The flesh itself is white with black seeds and can be difficult and fibrous. The taste is related to a strawberry crossed using a pineapple, sweet and tart at the very same time. The flesh is somewhat really hard to consume so it is typically juiced and made use of as a flavoring.

Graviola have a lot of uses, it can be used for juices, flavored drinks, ice creams and desserts. It is high in Vitamin C, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2 and benefits a lot for your health if you take it regularly. Graviola fruit can also be used for medical purpose. It has been used as an herbal remedy for hundreds of years. The Graviola fruit extract can be used for the treatment of many conditions including stomach upsets, worms, fever and muscle pain and even for the treatment of cancer.

Besides, we should pay special attention to the safety of graviola fruit. Do not take that during pregnancy as it might bring Graviola side effects.