What Is Feverfew Extract?

Feverfew is also know as featherfew or Tanacetum parthenium, it is an popular herbal plant with excellent effect for the treatment of many health conditions. Feverfew extract is a form of dosage which is widely used nowadays. Here we tell you what is Feverfew Extract briefly.

Feverfew Extract is what

Feverfew extract is extracted leaves of the feverfew herb by alcohol or water. It is widely used for centuries as a folk remedy for a wide range of conditions such as fever and migraines.

Generally speaking, the most common benefit of feverfew extract is in the prophylactic treatment of migraine headaches. It is reported that the most important active chemical constituents is called parthenolide, and it works effectively in reducing the frequency and severity of migraine headaches and the associated vomiting and nausea. Feverfew extract can also been used for the treatment of arthritis and rheumatic pain as well as women’s conditions including menstrual pain, PMS symptoms and to ease childbirth. Besides, feverfew extract can also be used for condition including asthma, skin inflammation, insect bites, toothache and psoriasis etc.

Although feverfew extract is a natural, herbal product, is may cause adverse side effects in different people or may interact with other medications that you are taking. The side effects of feverfew extract include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, flatulence, indigestion and pain in the abdominal region, as well as general nervousness. You should pay attention to that if you are taking fewer few extract. Besides, Feverfew extract should not be used by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or children under the age of 2 in order to avoid potential risks.