What is Fatty Liver Grade 3?

Fatty liver condition is measured with a grading system. And there are mainly 3 grades as below. Grade1 fatty liver is a simple form that does not interfere with the proper functioning of the liver, but still requires to be managed.Grade 2 fatty liver is a middle condition that requires some medical help to prevent its progression.Grade 3 is fatty liver is severe stage of the disease with visual symptoms.

best fatty liver dietFat accumulation in the liver within acceptable limits does no harm to human body, but if the fat is to much, it becomes serious and cause problem.Fatty liver is nothing but excess fat build-up in the liver cells, as well as in the spaces available between interstitial tissues of the organ. With the increasing fat accumulation, your liver will expand and cause it to feel heavy, to the extent that it can make the individual experience uneasiness and discomfort for no apparent reasons. If you leave it untreated, it will develop to fatty liver grade 3 and then you have to take measures.

In stage 3, it is necessary to take medical measures in order to avoid extra damage. You should go to doctor immediately and follow doctor’s advice strictly then.