What is fatty liver grade 1?

Fatty liver can be separate in to 3 stages, the fatty liver grade 1 is not serious and can be reversed. Here we explain that in detail.

fatty liver grade 1,2 and 3

The liver works as a filtering system in your body. The liver also secretes bile, a fluid that is required to breakdown fats during the digestion process. And the blood that leaves the stomach first needs to pass through the liver before its exit from the intestines.

Fatty Liver is an abnormal condition of the liver where there is excess fatty infiltration in the liver. And because of the excess accumulation of fats in the liver cells, the liver will expand and there will be more weight to the organ.

This sort of liver disease is often detected during routine wellness checkups. Blood tests that reveal an elevation in liver enzymes call for additional testings to become accomplished, that are imaging tests like an ultrasound or CT scanning. An enlarged liver appearing significantly less dense, or unusually bright on imaging tests usually recommend the presence of a fatty liver.

The development of fatty liver disease occurs at different stages as all other disease conditions. The first stage of fatty liver development is just fatty liver stage 1. In this stage, the fat accumulation occurs only around the outside surface of the organ, which really does not interfere with the functions of the liver at all. It is not very serious. If you do enough exercise, take measure to control your weight and keep a good diet, you can reverse your fatty liver fast. Grade 2 and grade 3 are more severe STAGE and we will introduce that later.