What Is Dong Quai?

What Is Dong Quai? Generally speaking, Dong quai is a herbal medical which is also known as Angelica sinensis or Chinese angelica. It is with variety of medical use such as acting as an anticoagulant, acting as a tonic , and eliminating blood stagnation. People have been using dong quai for thousands of years especially for the treatment of women’s health issues, including conditions pertaining to the reproductive system.

What Is Dong Quai is

History of Dong Quai plant

Dong quai has been used for thousands of years by practitioners of Chinese medicine and others. Mostly as a balm against issues and discomfort pertaining to women’s reproductive concerns, it has at occasions been known as the “female ginseng.” Though conclusive research have but to show whether or not there seriously are hormonal properties inside the root, dong quai is thought to supply relief for every little thing from the aggravating symptoms of menopause to the discomfort of premenstrual syndrome.

The Uses of Dong Quan

Dong quai are usually used for women. It can be used for variety of medical conditions. For example. Dong quai has been used for discomfort associated with premenstrual syndrome, menopause, recovery after childbirth, migraines associated with menstruation, amenorrhea, rheumatoid arthritis and nerve damage.

The Effects of Dong quai

Although Dong quai has not been scientifically proven to be effective for use in any of the conditions it is used for, but according to the traditional Chinese medicine theory, it really works. But at present, it has been difficult to prove whether or not dong quai is exclusively responsible for the beneficial results or whether it is the other herbs, or the combination of herbs.

Finally, we should be careful about using Dong quai supplement as it may cause increased bleeding due to its anticoagulant properties. It is a good idea to consult with your physician before using dong quai supplement.

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