What Is Damiana Herb?

What Is Damiana Herb? Damiana is a herbal shrub that grows in the southwest region of the United States. Damiana is believed to have an impact on the reproductive and hormonal systems in our body. It works wonders great for men and women to sexual pleasure.

Damiana Herb

The main ingredient in damiana is terpenes. A terpene is a hydrocarbon, oxygen-containing compound, such as alcohol. Terpenes are found in the oils that give a plant its fragrance. Damiana reportedly induces an euphoric dream-like state that enhances sexual performance and desire. Since the time of the Mayan civilization, liquor has been made from the leaves of the damiana herb. This liquor is considered an aphrodisiac.

The damiana herb can be take in different forms, you can make herbal tea buy it, or even smoke it as you want. It has been reported that damiana has the ability to put the user in a relaxed state of mind and produces a bit of a high, comparable to the effects of smoking marijuana.

But if you are taking medicine for blood pressure, do not take damiana supplement as there might be drug interaction IF YOU take these together.