What is chelated magnesium

Magnesium is an common element in the nature and exists almost everywhere. However, someone might find that they do not have sufficient magnesium that affect their health situation. If you want to take magnesium supplement, we suggest you to take the chelated magnesium as it maximum the effect. Here we explain what is chelated magnesium for your reference.

chelated magnesium what is

Foods such as whole grains, vegetables, seeds and nuts contain natural magnesium, and there are magnesium supplements as well. The cheapest magnesium supplement is magnesium oxide, but this form does not allow for easy absorption like chelated magnesium. Although you should consult with a medical professional before starting to take any new supplement, chelated magnesium should be safe for most people.It is a common supplement that can restore or maintain sufficient magnesium levels with a low incidence of harmful side effects. The generic drug name for chelated magnesium is magnesium amino acids chelate, and MG Plus Protein is a common brand name for the substance.

As we know, chelation is a natural process that increases the availability of essential nutrients in the body. A chelate is a chemical that combines cations and organic compounds in a molecular ring structure. By chelating nutrients like magnesium prior to ingestion, your body can more easily digest and process the necessary supplement.

If you wants to take chelated magnesium supplement, we suggest you to take in pill or capsule form. Follow all directions described on the packaging strictly or consult a medical professional before taking that supplement. Usually we suggest you to take no more than 350 mg of magnesium, so do not over take it at any time.

Finally, please be aware of drug interactions when taking chelated magnesium, as there are certain drugs that can interfere with the effectiveness of the supplement such as tetracycline, penicillamine, digoxin and tetrahydrofuran antibiotics. Be careful in order to avoid risks.