What is cardio exercise

Cardio exercise is also known as cardiovascular exercise or aerobic exercise. It is a kind of physical activity that raises your heart rate to around 60 to 85 percent of the maximum, and last for 20 minutes around.

Your muscles get enough oxygen from your blood during the period of cardio exercise, so it is also called aerobic exercise. When you do such exercise, the heart rate is fast, and in order to supply enough oxygen to your body, your lungs pump faster than usual. So you breathe faster.

There is various of cardio exercise. Generally speaking, all exercise that raises the heart rate and last for a long time can be called cardio exercise. For example, swimming, playing football, cycling etc. Some other activities such as walking, climbing can be called cardio exercises if it reaches a certain intensity. While doing cardio exercise, your muscle requires a large amount of oxygen, such as running, swimming and bicycling. Besides, other sports such as yoga and even sexual activity can be called cardio exercise.

cardio exercise definationOur of the biggest advantage of cardio exercise, it its benefit to heart health. During aerobic workout, your heart pump blood through the body, and supply oxygen to the muscles, brain and other body tissues. Doing cardio exercise regularly will effectively reduce the chances of heart disease, and bring you a healthier life.

Besides, cardio exercise also burns a lot of calories as well as fat. Every 20 minutes will consume around 500 calories with moderate intensity activity, that is to say, 20 minutes a day enable you to lose 1 pound a week. According to a survey, it is more effective to lose weight by cardio exercise than keep a diet. As during cardio exercise process, you gain enough nutrients, and might also build your muscles and be stronger while losing weight.

Besides, cardio exercise also reduces stress and increases mental acuity according to the research. So in my point of view, all people should keep regular cardio exercise in order to keep a healthy life style. For beginners, suggest you to come to a physician for more professional advice based on your personal situation.