What is Astragalus?

What is Astragalus? Astragalus is a plant which is commonly used for medicinal purposes in Chinese medicine.  It is related to the pea plant and the licorice plant. Here we give detail information on this plant for your reference.

What is Astragalus is

The History of Astragalus

Astragalus has enjoyed a extended history of medicinal purposed in China. It was recorded in history as far back because the first century A.D. In grows mostly in the northern hemisphere using the exception of some species increasing at high elevations from the Andes in South America.

The Features of Astragalus

Astragalus is often used with other herbs for maximum benefit. When used as an immune booster, it is often paired with Echinacea.

Astragalus Health Benefits

Advantages of astragalus are its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also used to enhance the immune method, especially during chemotherapy. It aids lower fatigue, enhance metabolism and promote wound healing. In China it can be utilized to treat respiratory infections and heart disease.

Astragalus Side Effects

Astragalus is generally considered safe for adults but it may have some side effects if we do not use it properly. It can also interact negatively with some medications, such as diuretics, antivirals, high blood pressure medication, diabetes medication, blood thinners and immunosuppressants.

Overall, Astragalus is a good supplement and is helpful for human health most of the time, but just take with health care professional before using astragalus in order to avoid the risks.