What is alcoholic fatty liver disease?

If the fatty liver is caused by alcohol, then it is called alcoholic fatty liver disease. Excessive consumption of alcohol will cause that condition. Alcoholic fatty liver is reversible if you do not drink alcohol any more and do more exercise.

alcoholic fatty liver introduction

Liver is the largest solid organ in your body. Located under the diaphragm, the liver also cleanses the blood stream by removing dead and unhealthy cells, microorganisms along with other toxins. Because of its essential functions, alcohol-related damage to the liver poses a serious threat to an individual’s all round health. It’s estimated that more than 15 million people in the U.S. depend on or abuse alcohol. And alcoholic fatty liver disease will be problems for most of the drinkers.

Some alcoholic fatty liver disease patients suffer from abdominal discomfort, jaundice, malaise, nausea and weakness. When you come to a doctor, Alcoholic fatty liver can diagnosed by ultrasound examination or liver biopsy.

There is no quick treatment for alcoholic fatty liver. The best treatment for alcoholic fatty liver is to abstain from drinking. If no alcohol is ingested, the liver will return to its normal appearance within some weeks or months.

Besides, alcoholic fatty liver should not be confused with non-alcoholic fatty liver,non-alcoholic fatty liver is linked to factors such as a poor diet, obesity and metabolic disorders. If you want to have get more information about non-alcoholic fatty liver, you can read other article on our website.