What is a vegan diet

What do vegans eat? A lot of people might be curious about that. Briefly, a vegan diet includes all grains, beans, legumes, vegetables and fruits and the infinite number of foods made by combining them. You can also see some vegan hot dogs, ice cream, cheese and vegan mayonnaise on the market which are without meat.

As vegans do not eat any kind of meat, so a lot of people consider that they lack protein and iron. It is not totally right, if a vegan take a correct diet, these nutrient can easily be got from vegan diet such as leafy greens, beans, tofu and quinoa. Below you can see the usual food that vegan eat in detail.

vegan diet introduction

  • Legumes and bean are an important food for vegans. As vegans do not take any kind of meat including eggs or dairy products. Legumes and beans become their main source of protein. They usually take many kinds of beans such as boston beans, kidney beans, red beans, black beans, black-eyed peas, sweet peas, peanuts and so on.
  • Fruits and vegetables are an important source of calcium for vegans. They usually take vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, collard and kale, dried figs and raisins to get their calcium.
  • Whole Grains are the main source of calories to vegans. It is suggested that vegans diet should contain whole grains such as bread, rice, tortillas, pasta, hot or cold cereal, corn, millet, barley, and bulgur wheat.

All in all, to a vegan, a balanced meal would include a whole grain, a leafy green vegetable and a protein. Above we have introduced the 3 main food of a vegan diet, and if you are going to start a vegan diet, just consider this and make your own diet as you want. For example, steamed broccoli on brown rice with tahini sauce is a good choice.