What is a medicine ball?

What is a medicine ball? If it is the first time you want to do exercise in a gym, probably you will raise such question. Briefly speaking, medicine ball is a popular exercise equipment nowadays. Here we introduce that to you in detail.

what is medicine ball

What is a medicine ball?

Medicine ball is also called fitness balls, med balls, and exercise balls. They are popular in the US nowadays which are usually been used for plyometric weight training. Plyometric exercises are exercises that involve quick, powerful movements. They are commonly used in training for sports and in physical therapy.Medicine balls can be made of molded plastic, hard or soft rubber or leather.

Types of medicine ball

There are many types of medicine ball for people with different demand. Medicine balls range in diameter, but typically do not exceed 16 inches. They weigh anywhere from 1 to 30 pounds.Some medicine balls look similar to basketballs, and others have handles or rope grips to facilitate throwing or maneuvering the ball over the head and to the sides of the body.

What is the use of medicine ball?

Medicine balls are versatile pieces of exercise equipment used to build strength. Medicine balls might be incorporated into most exercises to improve intensity and may also take the place of dumbbells or resistance bands when performing popular workout routines.They can be thrown back and forth amongst partners when carrying out sit-ups, maneuvered side to side whilst held at a distance in the physique, lifted more than the head and even held in between the feet or knees though doing leg lifts.

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