What does a fatty liver mean?

If your liver contains more than 5 to 10% of fat, then sorry to tell that you have fatty liver. This may lead to more serious complications.And here we tell you what does a fatty liver mean.

Fatty Liver mean

Fatty liver is a disease with less symptoms. Usually a fatty liver produces no symptoms. You might find out you have this condition when you are possessing other health-related tests. When you do encounter symptoms, they may incorporate fatigue, weakness, fat reduction and confusion.

Fatty liver is caused by many reasons such as diabetes, high triglycerides and obesity. Malnutrition and alcohol abuse can also lead to fatty liver.

If your doctor suspects fatty liver, he may order an ultrasound, MRI or a CT scan to diagnose.A routine checkup may indicate an enlarged liver or abnormalities in your blood work. Besides, a liver biopsy is usually needed to confirm diagnosis.

By now there is no medical treatment for fatty liver. So in order to cure fatty liver, we suggest you to eat a healthy diet with low triglycerides and do regular exercise. Control weight is the most important thing you should do.

In order to avoid fatty liver from happening, it is important to maintain a healthy weight, avoid excess alcohol and keep blood sugar and triglyceride levels at a low level.

Here we gives some basic information of fatty liver, hope you can understand what does a fatty liver mean now.

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