What causes cellulite?

As we know, over 90% of women have cellulite, which brings a lot of trouble to them. In order to prevent cellulite from happen and reduce cellulite. You need to know the causes of cellulite in advance. There are many factors, and the main causes as as below for your reference.

cellulite causes

Cellulite is an issue of fat cells and skin elasticity.Genes is one of the main cause which determine if you will develop cellulite. So usually all women have cellulite even for those who are slim. Girls as young as 14 can show signs of cellulite. If you want to know how much cellulite you will have, take a look at your mother and you will be similar as her.

Secondly, poor life style might also lead to cellulite. For those who have a poor eating plan including toxic foods, have terrible circulation and fluid retention your opportunity of creating cellulite is greater. Ladies who lead sedentary lifestyles also raise their possibilities of cellulite due to a hardening of your connective tissue; this causes further dimpling inside the skin.

Besides, high levels of female hormone estrogen is also consider to be one of the main cause of cellulite for women. It is reported that many women on birth control and postnatal women have high risk of cellulite due to the estrogen in the body.

Aging also cause cellulite. The contents of this deep skin layer are redistributed (usually with unflattering results) over time. Cellulite can also develop after a traumatic injury, when the circulatory system has been disturbed.

We list the causes of cellulite above. It will be helpful if you understand the leading causes of cellulite well.

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