What are the Uses of Damiana?

Damiana is a traditional herb in southern Texas and Mexico. Damiana helps to increase blood flow in the body, and it is widely used as a sexual stimulant and digestive aid in the past. It is rich in volatile oils . Here we tell you what are the uses of damiana in detail.

Damiana uses

First of all, we make a brief introduction of this plant. As we discussed before, damiana grows wild in the rocky lands of southern Texas, the deserts of Mexico and Baja California. It have been used as herbal medicine for hundreds of years. It is approved that damiana have sexual performance and response for both men and women. Besides, damiana was also used as an herbal tonic and liquor.
The herb damiana contains flavonoids, tannins, a bitter brown substance called damianin, as well as several essential oils. The Active Compounds terpenes. These compounds are mainly volatile oil. The volatile oil of damiana also holds the strong fragrant scent that emanates from the flowers and leaves. The leaves are tinctured to extract the healing properties or made into a liquor for the same purpose.

The use of damiana extracts, tinctures and liquors are mainly for circulatory system and oxygenating the blood. The added blood flow and stimulation improves mood disorders such as depression, nervousness and anxiety and increases energy and stamina. The added stimulation of the system also helps to aid digestion and relieve constipation. Damiana may also help to sooth menstrual discomfort and regulate menstrual cycles.

The main use of damiana is for sexual improvement. It increases blood flow, which will revitalize the sexual organs and helps to relieve problems of erectile dysfunction. Damiana is usually a stimulant, that will increase power and vitality, each of which are vital to get a healthy libido. Both guys and women benefit in the added oxygenation from the blood for stimulating sexual response. Herbalists normally prescribe Damiana as a tonic for this objective.

Although damiana is a stimulant in small amounts,if you take that too much, that will be harmful for your body. So before you use damiana products, come to ask your doctor’s advice first.