What are the symptoms of Iodine deficiency?

Iodine is an important trace element to human body. Iodine deficiency might cause serious problem if you do not treat it in time. Here we introduce the symptoms of Iodine Deficiency for you.

  • Adrenal fatigue is a condition which has been ignored or misunderstood by the medical community. If you find you are emotionally drained by the stressors in your life such as frequent emotional, physical or mental stress, maybe it is caused by iodine deficiency
  • Problems at the time of pregnancy. Pregnant women need to check their iodine level regularly over a certain period of time as pregnant women and their babies get easily attacked by Iodine Deficiency Symptoms. Iodine deficiency can create a problem at the time of pregnancy by congenital abnormalities, miscarriage, stillbirth, preterm delivery etc. This can also cause health problem for the babies, such as deafness, mental retardation, problems with growth, speech disorders etc.
  • Iodine deficiency affect your cortisol levels. Cortisol levels (hormones) are created in the adrenal cortex in response to the ACTH (adrenal cortical stimulating hormone) created in the pituitary gland. Cortisol is a key player for individuals who have an iodine deficiency. The lack of cortisol in your system prevents the absorption of thyroid hormones into the cells.
  • Hypoglycemia is closely linked to all types of hypothyroidism due to sluggish pituitary function and iodine deficiency. The pituitary gland is located at the base of the brain. This is the main controlling agent for all hormonal function.
  • Diagnosis and Preventive Measures. The diagnosis of iodine deficiency problems depends on the previously mentioned symptoms and signs. In addition to that, the 24 hour urine-iodine collection and medical examination can be helpful to detect the iodine deficiency measurements. For treatment of this deficiency, ingestion of iodine is the main solution, which can be found in food supplements. Mild cases of Iodine Deficiency Symptoms are handled with iodized salt in a daily diet chart, eating egg yolks, saltwater fish, sea vegetables etc.

If you suffers from iodine deficiency, you should pay enough attention to it. Adding iodine to salt is a very cheap means of eradicating iodine deficiency. Experts estimates that it costs only a few cents for every ton of salt produced.