What are the side effects of Yohimbe supplement?

Yohimbe supplement is now very popular and widely used in the US and all over the world. But also pay attention to its side effects if you want to take it. If you overdose it or do not take it following instruction, there will be risks. Here we tell you what are the side effects of Yohimbe supplement?

  • Yohimbe supplement will lead to excess sweating, frequent urination, rise in body temperature, and headache. These are the most common and general side effects of yohimbe.
  • Yohimbe supplement also lead to some cardiovascular problems such as increased heart rate and high blood pressure . It may sometimes also result in drastic low blood pressure.
  • Nausea, vomiting, and other gastrointestinal problems may also arise as a side effect of this medication.
  • If it really is taken to get a extended period of time, then it might cause some toxic effects on the physique.
  • If taken with items containing high amounts of tyramine, it might show enhanced negative effects.
  • People that have problems related to kidney, liver, and blood pressure should really not use it, since it might cause further complications.
  • It is also reported that yohimbe supplement will lead to anxiety and irritability as a side effect.
  • Besides, high dosage of yohimbe supplement may cause renal failure, paralysis, and fatigue.
  • Yohimbe supplement is not safe for pregnant women and nursing women. So stay away from this alkaloid always.

Overall, the side effects of Yohimbe supplement are common if you do not take it properly. So just follow doctor’s advice in order to avoid the risks.