What are the Health Benefits of Kava Kava Tea

Kava Kava Tea is one of the most common drinks in Hawaii, Polynesia, Micronesia, and Vanuatu. It is not only a kind of drink but can also be used as supplement for insomnia or anxiety. Kavalactones is the active chemical in kava kava tea and have great health benefits. Here we tell you What are the Health Benefits of Kava Kava Tea in detail.

Health Benefits of Kava Kava Tea

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One of the most important benefits of Kava Kava Tea is that the tea works on patients with anxiety and help to improve the emotional condition. In some countries including Polynesia, the tea is served much more than alcohol for social occasions.

Kava is common with performers of music as well as athletes. It assists to cut down nervousness of public performances and relaxes the muscle tissues just before an event. Given that it enhances sociability, mental clarity and choice generating, it can also be taken just before essential meetings of any type.

Another health benefit of Kava tea is its anti-inflammatory effect on the urinary system. It is reported that kava kava tea has been used for ailments of the bladder and UTIs with some success. Kava is also relaxing to the uterus and is helpful to some women for relieving menstrual cramps.

Kava Kava Tea is always part of special celebrations including weddings and holidays, festivals, and one of the more unusual uses is for ceremonies in the South Pacific islands where people honor their dead relatives. But in order to assure the safety, you should remember the below things always. First of all, do not consume more than one cup of the tea on a daily basis. Secondly, do not consume the tea for more than three or four consecutive days. Besides, kava tea should not be given to children, pregnant and lactating females.