What are the Health Benefits of Dong Quai

Dong quai is also know as Angelica sinensis. It is a Chinese herb and now becomes very popular in the West. Dong Quai can be used to relieve symptoms related to the female reproductive system such as for the treatment for symptoms that occur before and after menopause. However, its health benefits is more that that. Here we tell you What are the Health Benefits of Dong Quai.

Health Benefits of Dong Quai

  • Dong quai’s main benefits is for Reproductive Problems. As we know, Dong quai is a popular herb for treating menstrual disorders like cramping, irregular cycles and premenstrual syndrome. People in China uses dong quai to nourish and tone the blood for centuries. Its notoriety in treating reproductive system problems is likely due to non-estrogen active ingredients which has a sedative effect on the uterus and can be used to reduces spasms.
  • Anti-inflammatory function is another benefit of Dong quai. So it is usually used for the treatment of inflammation that may accompany upper respiratory illnesses. This late-onset inflammation of the entire body can be a lethal condition. It is reported that dong quai was able to inhibit the signaling molecules that increase inflammation that leads to sepsis after an upper respiratory infection.
  • Dong quai can also be used for the treatment of Depression. Dong quai consists of sedative chemical compounds like falcarinol and p-cymene that help in lowering tension. The coumarin scopoletin can also be a major constituent in dong quai root. Scopoletin can be a MAO inhibitor, which signifies it might regulate the availability in the neurotransmitter serotonin, a major hormone involved in depression.
  • Besides, Dong quai also works for the one woth cough. The volatile oil made from the root contains alpha-pinene and carvacrol, both potent expectorants and antispasmodics. Scopoletin is also a bronchial muscle relaxant.

Here we list the main 4 health benefits of Dong quai for your reference. Hope it can be helpful for you.

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