What are the guarana supplement risks

Guarana is a common supplement in the US nowadays. The main benefits of guarana is because of the caffeine chemical. However, it might also cause side effects if you to not use it properly. Here we tell you what are the guarana supplement risks for your reference.

guarana supplement risks

If you do not take that supplement following health provide’s advice, some side effects of guarana is common such as trouble sleeping, restlessness, increased heart rate, loss of appetite, anxiety, heart burn, shakiness, headaches, nausea, ringing in the ears, and frequent urination.

Allergic Reaction is also common. It does not happens to all people, but you should be careful about that also. Signs of an allergic reaction to guarana include swelling of the throat, lips and tongue, hives or itchiness and trouble breathing Consult a doctor immediately if you are experiencing this side effects.

If you overdose guarana supplement by accident, there might be serious side effects as below. There is possibility of vomiting, difficulty urinating, stomach cramps, racing heart, dizziness, seizures and severe stomach pain. If you have such symptoms, probably it is related to guarana overdose.

Besides, there are also other risks such as eart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease or an overactive thyroid while using guarana. It is not so common but it is better that you can prepare for that any time.

These people should avoid any beverage or medication with guarana. Guarana should also not be used by those with a caffeine allergy.

Also be careful about medications interactions always. If you are taking any other pills that contain ephedra, do not take guarana as there might risk of stroke, hemorrhage, myocardial infarction, and fatal changes in heart rate and blood pressure can occur when guarana and ephedra are combined.

Here are some main guarana supplement risks for your reference. Hope you can benefit from our article more or less.