What are the effects of Astragalus on High Blood Pressure

Astragalus roots are used to make extracts used in Chinese medicine for long time. The extracts contain a mixture of flavonoids, amino acids, minerals and triterpene glycosides which can be used for the treatment of hypertension and for the improvement of cardiovascular health among other ailments. Here we introduce the effects of Astragalus on High Blood Pressure for your reference.

Astragalus on High Blood Pressure

  • First of all, Astragalus Stimulates Vasodilation. Vasodilation increases the amount of blood flow and decreases blood pressure. Vasodilators are used to for the treatment of hypertension. It is reported that an extract of Astragalus membranaceus restored vasodilation responses in laboratory experiments.
  • Secondly, Astragalus reduces blood pressure. It is reported that injection of Astragalus extract reduced blood pressure in diabetic patients with impaired kidney function in combination with another hypertensive drug. Other human studies have not been conducted to confirm the antihypertensive effects of Astragalus, and no information exists on the effective dosage.
  • Besides, Astragalus can improves Kidney Function according to the recent research. The kidney regulates blood volume, and consequently blood pressure and impairment of kidney function are often associated with increased blood pressure.It may potentially enhance kidney function and influence blood pressure in hypertensive patients with kidney disease. Of course, this hypothesis requires more rigorous scientific investigation.

Here we explain the effects of Astragalus on High Blood Pressure, if you are interested in that, just buy some supplement and have a try.

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