What are the different stages of cellulite?

Cellulite is common to women, usually it is not a problem and you do not pay special attention to that. But still you should know the different stages of cellulite so you can take correct measures to control it before it become serious. Here is a little description of each stage of cellulite for your reference.

different stages of cellulite

Stage 1: At the first stage of the cellulites or at the beginning of it the connective tissues of the body have a soft consistency and are not painful. This is the stage when the mucus invades the tissues. So as to distinguish cellulite in the fatty along with the watery overweight the location really should be noticed exactly where it appears since it very first appears on the inside of thighs and also the knees.

Stage 2: At the second stage pinching the skin becomes painful. Cellulite may trigger distortion inside a physique element. In really serious type, the typical curvature of knees or ankles could be totally obliterated. It could also make wrinkles around the skin. Therefore cellulite could possibly be suspected in the badly nourished look on the skin, which becomes rough, grayish and cold.

Stage 3: In the third stage, the cellulite could be confirmed in view of the following symptoms:

  • The connective tissues between the skin and the underlying tissues, instead of making for suppleness, become inflamed. As a result it adheres to what is above and below it.
  • The skin is perceived to be infiltrated as it gives the impression of being composed of the nodules. These nodules, from their firmness and contours, appear to be padded.Pinching is very painful and it easily causes bruising.
  • All this leads to the inflammation of the connective tissues through the action of poisoned lymph that surrounds it.

Stage 4: The last stage is the atrophy stage of cellulite. At that stage, you can feel small balls underneath the skin. These small balls are actually a kind of nodules.

Here are 4 stages of cellulite for your reference. Pay attention to that and take measures to control in order to keep good health.