What are the Benefits of Damiana Tea

The damiana tea is a common herbal supplement in Mexico, South America and parts of the southwest United States for long time. The tea possesses anti-anxiety, aphrodisiac and blood-sugar regulating properties. Here we explain the Benefits of Damiana Tea to you in detail.

Benefits of Damiana Tea

  • Blood Sugar Regulation is one main benefits of damiana tea. It is reported that damiana might help regulate blood sugar levels, so it can be used as supplement for diabetics and to regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Aphrodisiac function is the main benefits of damiana tea. It is usually suggested for low sex drive, particularly in women. Its use as an aphrodisiac dates back to the time of the ancient Mayan tribes in Mexico.The recent study also show that damiana improved potency in impotent rats, but did nothing for rats that did not experience sexual dysfunction.
  • Damiana can be used for the treatment of headaches. People in the Caribbean inhale the vapors from damiana tea to treat headaches. It is proved to be effective.
  • Besides, there are also some other benefits of damiana tea. For example, the diuretic properties might help with kidney disorders; damiana tea has also been used to cure bed wetting and damiana tea has been used for anxiety, menstrual problems, constipation and sexually transmitted diseases.


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