What Are Side Effects of Kava Kava Supplement?

Kava is one kind of Piper methysticcum plant which grows in the South Pacific and is often sold as an herbal supplement said to relieve anxiety, insomnia and menopause. But please also pay attention to its side effects before using them. Here we tell you What Are Side Effects of Kava Kava Supplement for your reference.side effects

Liver problems are the main side effect of kava kava supplement. It is reported that the use of kava has been linked to severe and life-threatening liver problems including hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver failure. These problems happen to be identified to occur even in persons with no history of liver illness. The FDA further claims that regulatory agencies in other nations have taken actions ranging from warning shoppers about the prospective dangers of kava use to removing kava-containing items in the marketplace. Indicators of liver challenges include jaundice, pale stool, dark urine, abdominal discomfort and loss of appetite.

Another side effect of kava kava supplement is drug interactions. It is reported that kava may interact with other medications. Kava’s impact on the liver is what makes it so volatile when used with other chemicals. Kava decreases the activity of liver enzymes that metabolize medicines and eventually removes them from the bloodstream. In the event the liver is unable to eliminate medications from the blood before it’s time for the next dose, the outcome is often a rise inside the amounts of medication circulating inside the bloodstream at any provided time.

Besides, if you use kava kava supplement for a long time, there will be risk of kidney damage, seizures, pulmonary hypertension, psychotic syndromes, hematuria, dangerously high blood pressure, skin problems and blood abnormalities. So we do not suggest you to take kava kava supplement for long time. Just come to ask doctor’s advice, and take that supplement following doctor’s guide.