What Are Moon Cups?

It is necessary to pick products to absorb or catch her flow during menstruate period for women. The Moon Cup is a menstrual cup which provide great experience to women.What Are Moon Cups? Here we make introduction for you in detail.

What Moon Cups are

The Moon Cup have been marketed in the US for nearly 10 years. It’s FDA approved and is produced from a non-latex medical-grade silicone, so it may be a very good selection for females with sensitive skin or latex allergies. The Moon Cup catches blood flow rather than absorbing it as a tampon or maybe a menstrual pad would. The Moon Cup is bell-shaped and comes in two types, Style A and Style B. At the bottom from the Moon Cup is a stem that makes it possible for removal in the physique.

How to use the Moon Cup? While using the Moon Cup, you fold and and insert it into the vagina. The cup rests beneath the cervix, along with the stem remains outside the body. The Moon Cup’s rim creates a suction that keeps the item snug and secure against the vaginal walls. Once you wish to take away cup, little holes about the rim assist release the suction to permit the cup to slide out. You get rid of, empty and rinse The Moon Cup about every eight to 12 hours, or sooner if you’re experiencing a heavy flow. The cup need to often be inserted and removed with clean hands.

Benefits of Moon cup. The Moon Cup is marketed as an eco-friendly and easy-to-use product. Since you can reuse it, you not have to buy menstrual products every month. Since it is reusable, you do not have to dispose of it as you would menstrual pads or tampons.Since the product is nonabsorbent, toxic shock syndrome should not be a great concern.

How to buy Moon cup? You can buy that from The Keeper website by mail, by phone or by secure online ordering if you live in the US or Canada.

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