Uses of Vitex for Men

The herb vitex is a distant relative of lemon verbena. It is one of the most important herbs for regulating female hormones. It does not only be used for women, but also have many health benefits for men.

First of all, vitex supplement suffers from some problem and the delivery becomes pretty slow. Male Pattern Baldness. Vitex berries appear to be antiandrogenic, inhibiting the functioning of male androgens, or sex hormones.

Vitex brings hypersexuality to men.As its name implies, chaste tree has traditionally been used to curb sexual desire. It is reported that men use the carama for vitex to suppress libido, only anecdotal evidence exists as to its effectiveness.

The antiantiandrogenic properties of vitex . Uninating. Vitex promotes urination. Since there’s a lack of substantiated evidence to confirm such claims, consult a physician before self-treating with vitex.

According to present research, vitex not only helps treat BPH but also aids in the treatment of prostate cancer. The need exists for more laboratory tests, however, before using vitex as a primary or secondary treatment for prostate cancer. Anyway, in order to buy it safely, just talk with your health provide before making decision.