Use Aloe Vera Gel on Hair in 5 steps

Aloe vera gel is can help trap and lock in moisture, so it is commonly used as a moisturizer for skin. It will also help your hair moisturized and prevent damage and keep your hair from drying out. Here we tell you how to use aloe vera gel on hair in 5 steps.

Aloe Vera Gel on Hair

  • Step 1: Make aloe vera shampoo first. You can take 1 tablespoon of commercially available aloe vera gel and add it to 8 ounces of shampoo. Mix well with a spoon, and then shampoo your hair as you would normally.
  • Step 2: Make a light aloe vera conditioner. To complete this, mix one-quarter cup of aloe vera gel with the juice from half of a lemon as well as a couple of (three to 5) drops of an vital oil of one’s choosing. Apply this mixture to freshly shampooed hair; leave it in for three to five minutes, and then rinse it out.
  • Step 3: Then you need to make a deep-clean conditioner. Combine equal parts of olive oil and aloe vera gel, and then comb it through your hair. Leave it in for 30 minutes, and then rinse it out.
  • Step 4: Use as a “leave-in” conditioner. To perform this, apply aloe vera gel to your hair (this is most powerful soon after shampooing it initially) and massage it in. Mainly because sweat may cause the gel to run into your eyes, it’s greatest to prevent athletic activity for a handful of hours right after application. A lot of people place the gel in just ahead of they visit bed.
  • Step 5: Finally, use aloe vera gel as a styling product. You can add a small amount of aloe vera gel to your hair after styling it, you can add natural shine to your hair and help lock in moisture. Rub a small amount between your hands, and then distribute evenly over your hair.

Aloe vera gel can be purchased from many stores or online, if you are interested in that, just buy some and have a try!

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