Treat anorexia by behavior therapy easily at home in 5 steps

As we know, anorexia is not only related to patient’s appetite, it is also related to people’s behavior. So in order to treat anorexia patients, it is important to do behavior therapy as well as doing physical treatment. According to a research, behavior therapy is one of the best way to treat anorexia. The below guide tells you how to do.

  • Step 1: Before you start the behavior therapy, first come to your doctor for advice. Behavior therapy is introduced when a patient recognizes the psychological triggers of anorexia. Doctor usually will give a full guide for you about how to do based on your anorexia symptoms etc.
  • Step 2: Use behavior therapy to change the way the patient psychologically responds for the stimuli that foster his anorexia. Popular techniques employed to help the patient have an understanding of and alter his behavior consist of keeping journals and diaries, questioning his beliefs and eventually, placing himself in scenarios he would previously have avoided.

anorexia nervosa treatment

  • Step 3:Join a group of people who are treating anorexia behavior therapy if possible, or you can just do it by yourself. Both ways have advantages and disadvantages. The one who is doing that together with other people can supervise each other and have fast progress, the one who does that alone can have more room for herself, and change the habit gradually.
  • Step 4:According to a research, the dual application of therapy and medicine increases the effectiveness of both. So increase the efficacy of psychotherapy by treating the anxiety and depression that usually accompany anorexia drugs.
  • Step 5:Do not stop the behavior therapy until a the doctor tells that you can stop. In order to have a successful treatment, a person with anorexia nervosa will generally not only have to regain and maintain a healthy body weight, but also be cured psychologically and do not hate food anymore.

The key to treating Anorexia by behavior therapy was to give up bad behaviors before, and develop a healthy and good habit now. If you have a willing heart, you can achieve this easily.