Treadmill workouts for weight loss you should know

The key to weight loss is to burn more calories than you take. So eat less and exercise more it what you should do. Treadmill workout is a good way to burn fat, which helps you to burn calories as well as build muscle. It is approved that this exercise is effective to most people. Here we tell you how to lose weight by treadmill workouts you should know.

  • Tip 1: It is important to exercise in a proper environment so you can maximize the workout. We suggest you to go to gym when it is not so busy. Or if you have a good treadmilll at home, just put it at a proper place (such as in front of a TV set), so you can watch TV and do exercise with relaxation.
  • Tip 2: It is also necessary to dress properly when you do a treadmill workout. First of all, wear comfortable sneakers to prevent injury while you are on the treadmill; besides, wear sweat bands to your brow or wrists to prevent sweat dropping on your face or equipment. Last but most important, you should wear comfortable clothing to absorb moisture, so you can keep cool and dry.treadmill weight loss
  • Tip 3: Make your own treadmill workout plan and rules for the implementation. In order to have good weight loss result by treadmill workouts, you should make it to be your habit. In the first days, you should do shortly everyday, but gradually increase your treadmill workout time.
  • Tip 4:If you want to maximize your workout effect. You can add weights on your legs so as to increase the intensity of a treadmill workout. Also wear weights on your arms if you want to lose weight as well as build upper body muscles.
  • Tip 5: Intervals exercise is important for a treadmill workout. It is an effective method to burn more fat. You can do to walk for 5 minutes, and then run for 1 minute and then repeat the above. Keep repeating this “5 minute walking & 1 minute running” during your workout process everyday. Some good treadmill also have a build-in interval exercise mode,.You can just set such mode, and follow your machines’s's pace.
  • Tip 6: Speed up the pace or set an incline or set walking forward or backward if you want to increase the intensity. Different angles and body positions help work different muscle groups, and you can also burn fat in different place.