Top 10 Tips For Surviving Christmas and New Year While Losing Weight

Christmas and New Year day have just passed, and during that time you need to family and friends and take part in the traditional aspects of Christmas such as Christmas dinner where you are almost expected to eat lots and drink excessively.

This can be an utter nightmare if you’re trying to lose weight. In following these tips, we’re sure that when you jump on that scale in early January that it won’t be too much of a shock.

Don’t start drinking too early in the day

Everyone likes a drink at Christmas and sometimes we end up starting way as well early in the day. The problem with this is that it can boost your appetite, making you eat far more later once the main meal comes. It is best to avoid drinking until you can have a drink alongside your principal meal.

Let the people know that you’re on a diet

lose weight during holidayIf you’re spending Christmas with family and friends, let them know that you’re trying to lose weight and that you’re worrying about it. This might make them less oriented to open unnecessary food whilst you’re around and you’ll be less likely to give in to temptation. It is especially crucial to let the person cooking the main meal know that you’re on a diet and tell them any preferences you have before the day. This might allow them to use healthier alternatives or alternate cooking methods such as steaming food rather than cooking it in fats and oils.

At normal sized portions

When going up to the buffet or dishing up food, eat the same as what you would at any normal meal. Don’t overfill your plate just because it is Christmas as this will be all right obliged to eat it all. But also don’t under-fill your plate as that makes it more likely that you’ll go back for a subsequent helping.

Talk rather than eat

Bars and night clubs know that when they play the music approach too loud that it stops you from talking too much and makes you drink more. So reverse this to your own benefit at Christmas parties and family set-ups by becoming a social butterfly. By talking, dancing and having fun rather than keeping visiting the food area you’ll eat less as if you’re talking then it’s harder to eat.

Freeze leftover food

There is a natural urge to extend the Christmas fun for as long as possible and sometimes that means that we end up over eating on not just one day but for a scarce or even several days afterwards. So if you have leftover food, why not freeze it so that it is not lying around and causing you to get tempted to overeat. Try sticking to one or two days of Christmas food only.

Eat slowly during your meals

Whilst eating your Christmas dinner make sure that you eat slowly. By not eating too quickly, it gives your belly time to send the messages to your brain that you are full up. There is about a 20 minute delays in this message and by eating slowly you’ll stand a much better chance of not eating too much before that message arrives.

Stick to the smarter foods rather than deserts

Fill yourself up with the smarter foods such as the vegetables in the principal meal and avoid the high carbohydrate foods such as bread rolls and potato. This will make it less likely that you will feel like an overly sweet dessert or Christmas snacks after the main meal. Basically decide which foods are the better, smarter foods for you and stick to them if possible and fill yourself up.

Avoid presents of food

If you can let your family know that you’re dieting before Christmas you’ll be less likely to receive any presents that are food or drink based which don’t fit well with your weight loss program. If you do end up getting given presents which are food, it might be best to bestow those away during January to others who’ll appreciate them more.

Keep exercising

Stick to an exercise routine you had before the holidays and plan it around your Christmas schedule. This will help to remove any excess calories that you’ve taken on if you overeat. If you are with family, then why not go for a short walk together or if you have access to video games like the Wii where movement is involved and get the whole family involved. Get moving for fun rather than just sitting there watching the customary Christmas films that get put on every year.

Become The Designated Driver

Being a designated driver will be a very easy approach to avoid drinking alcoholic drinks with excess calories and give you an easy excuse to use. Plus you’ll be doing a favour to anyone who is currently not dieting and wants to drink. If you can’t drive or can’t have this as your excuse then why not change some or all drinks for alternatives like cranberry juice or water.

By using our tips, we hope that it avoids you being classed as an Ebeneezer Scrooge and allows you to have a great Christmas while at the same time continuing to lose weight and meeting your weight loss goals. If you use our tips and still put on a couple of pounds then don’t worry too much or quit your diet completely and just be glad that it wasn’t as well excessive like it could’ve been had you eaten more.

If you have any tips that you utilize to help continue weight loss during the holidays then please let us know your top tips in the comments below so that others can use them.