Thera-Band fitness wobble board Review

If you are looking for the best fitness wobble board, it is the one for you. Read this Thera-Band fitness wobble board Review and you will find it is really the one you need. Follow us below.


Thera-Band Wobble Board is made of black molded plastic with a specially-designed tactile surface on the top. It offers an unstable and sensory-stimulating surface designed to facilitate balance and proprioceptive training and automatic postural reactions. It provides multiple planes of instability for the most challenging training.

Thera-Band Wobble Board


Thera-Band fitness wobble board is durable and lightweight, so it is easy to use.

The material it use is of high quality, so it provides support as required.

This board is solid and well-designed, as the bumpy surface offers adequate traction whether you are barefoot or not.


If you use it barefoot for long time, the platform might hurts my feet.


Customer Review

Good balance exercising, and uncomplicated to fit in. Super solution. This is a good solution to work on core balance.

I’ve made use of a lot of wobble boards and balance boards at Physical Therapy, Chiropractors and Pilates, but I like this a single best. I would propose this solution to others looking to function on balance and ankle strengthening.


All in all, Thera-Band fitness wobble board is an excellent wobble board that help to train balance effectively with sturdy building and comfortable design. Good equipment overall.