The Uses of Yohimbe for Women

Yohimbe is a natural herbal extract which is popular in men for treatment of male impotence and orgasmic dysfunction, it also benefits for women. And here we introduce the The Uses of Yohimbe for Women briefly.

Alghouth it has not been studied as extensively for use in women.It is reported that yohimbe shows some promise in treating female sexual disorders.

At present, many people mistakenly believe that yohimbe contains testosterone or interacts directly with sexual hormones. This is not the case. Yohimbe is not associated with any increase in male hormone levels. The Mechanism of Yohimbe is to act on the body’s adrenaline receptors and stimulates a feeling of mild euphoria. It ultimately causes increased blood flow to the genitals and ahve pleasant sexual side effects.

Besides, yohimbe can also be used in both men and women to treat certain psychiatric conditions, low blood pressure, acute fatigue and obesity.

Do not ignore the Yohimbe side effects such as anxiety, insomnia and elevated heart rate while using yohimbe. So do not use to women who have a medical or psychiatric condition and women who are pregnant or nursing.

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