The safety of yohimbe supplement

Yohimbe tree produce the active ingredient which is called yohimbine. The yohimbe supplement is popular in the U.S. Nowadays. You can buy it by prescription as well as over-the-counter. However, if you want to take yohimbe supplement, we suggest you to talk with doctor first as it might bring some side effect. Here we discuss about the safety of yohimbe supplement for your reference.

What are the effects of yohimbe supplement on the Body

Yohimbine is a Monoamine oxidase inhibitor. Monoamine oxidase is definitely an enzyme which deactivates neurotransmitters which include epinephrine and norepinephrine. Monoamine oxidase also deactivates the dietary amino-acid tyramine which has adrenergic effects. This approach helps keep optimum levels of adrenergic stimulants inside the body. MAOIs block this enzyme and epinephrine and norepinephrine levels rise. This impact could be useful. MAOIs make helpful anti-depressive medicines; however, high adrenergic stimulant levels can raise heart price and blood pressure to deadly levels.

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Yohimbe’s active ingredient works by blocking the alpha-2 adrenergic receptors. Alpha-2 receptors normally respond to the body’s release of norepinephrine and epinephrine. This blocking action gives yohimbe its positive and negative effects on the cardiovascular, respiratory and central nervous system functions. Where norepinephrine causes dilation of blood vessels, yohimbe causes constriction.

Cardiovascular Effects

Yohimbine can interact with blood pressure medications and decrease their effectiveness. The blood pressure medication clonidine works by stimulating alpha-2 receptors. Yohimbine directly blocks clonidine’s actions. In addition, yohimbe supplementation along with the ingestion of food or drink containing caffeine or tyramine may result in dangerously high blood pressure. Paradoxically, in high doses, yohimbine may cause low blood pressure.

Yohimbine is approved as a drug in the U.S., though in some European nations its use is banned or restricted due to its potential for harmful side effects. In Canada, the sale of non-approved yohimbine products without a prescription is banned. Germany’s Commission E classified yohimbe bark as an unsafe herb due to its negative effects on the cardiovascular system. But in the US, you can buy Yohimbine supplement online from AMAZON.COM as a supplement.

Anyway, in order to avoid the potential risks, we suggest you to take yohimbe supplement as at recommended doses and following doctor’s advice always.