The safety of Mangosteen to Pregnant Women

Mangosteen is a nutrient-dense food which provides vital vitamins and minerals that may be beneficial during pregnancy. But is it totally safe for pregnant women to take mangosteen? Generally speaking, there are not enough studies about the safety of mangosteen in pregnant women now. Here we discuss about the safety of Mangosteen to Pregnant Women in detail.

Mangosteen safety for Pregnant Women

Mangosteen provide Vitamin C to pregnant women. Vitamin C keeps the immune system healthy, lowering the risk of contracting infections that may damage the fetus. This vitamin also promotes the production of collagen, the compound that makes the skin elastic, an important factor when skin stretches to accommodate a growing baby. Both a pregnant woman and her fetus need vitamin C, and mangosteen provides it. One cup of mangosteen contains 5.7 milligrams, a small portion of the 85 milligrams of vitamin C a pregnant woman requires each day during pregnancy.

Mangosteen fruit is a good source of the mineral manganese. When pregnant, the physique calls for two milligrams of manganese each day, which the expanding fetus wants to assist kind the skeletal system and cartilage. 1 cup of this fruit delivers 0.2 milligrams. The manganese in mangosteen has antioxidant properties that support shield both the mother along with the fetus from cellular harm.

Mangosteen fruit is good source of folate. It vitamin may play a role in preventing certain birth defects.Women need to take 400 micrograms of folate in their diets each day during pregnancy and while trying to conceive. One cup of mangosteen fruit contains 61 micrograms of folate.

So generally speaking, Mangosteen is safe to pregnant women. Just feel free to take the fresh fruit if you can buy it nearby. Or you can buy the best mangosteen juice here!