The main uses of Butterbur Supplement

Butterbur is a flowering plant which is widely used in the US nowadays. The butterbur plant contains medicinal properties and are used as alternative medicine. Here we introduce the main uses of Butterbur Supplement for your reference.

Butterbur Supplement uses

According to the research, butterbur was used centuries before by ancient Greek doctors for the treatment of many medical conditions such as skin rashes and for the relief of head pain.According to modern research, , the medicinal powers of butterbur have been researched in scientific laboratories, particularly in terms of its headache fighting properties.

Headaches are common use of butterbur supplement. It is one of the most effective supplement for the prevention of migraines. Patients who have frequent attacks that influence their quality of life frequently reported a lessening or elimination of symptoms after taking the herb.

Butterbur is also been used for the treatment of Asthma. Some patients were even able to reduce the amount of medicine they required to control their asthma.

However, if you want to use butterbur daily, you should be careful about its side effects such as the allergic reactions. And it can only be used be prevention but can not be used as treatment as the FDA has not officially approved the use of butterbur to treat any illness.