The keeper menstrual cup review

We have introduced many menstrual cup before, and this time introduce another great model for you. This The keeper menstrual cup is very popular in the US, and it have a big market share in the US according to our survey. Read review on this The keeper menstrual cup below fore more.


The Keeper Menstrual Cup is popular in the US. It great alternative to tampons, this soft, natural gum rubber menstrual cup collects the flow rather than absorbing it, so the vaginal tissues aren’t dried out as they can be by disposable tampons.You can pick from Size A o Size B on the market. Size A is designed for women who have given birth vaginally, Size B is meant for women who have NOT given birth vaginally.

the keeper menstrual cup


The keeper menstrual cup is easy to use and there is no cramps while using it.

It is a comfortable and cheaper way for women.

The keeper menstrual cup is better for the environment.


So far so good.

Customer Review

I have used this product for more than 5 years, and I have not replace it at all. There is no problems in the past days. I feel so great. Insertion may be tricky at the beginning. But once you get familiar to it, it is perfect.


I prefer The keeper menstrual cup as it works great for me and my friends. If you have trouble with leaks, I recommend trying a different size!


Overall, The keeper menstrual cup is a good cup for women. It is helpful and every women should have one.