The diva cup model 1 review


We have introduce the Diva cup model 2 before, and here we introduce the The diva cup model 1 in detail for your reference. Read review below now.


The diva cup model 1 is made of silicone it has not been and is not likely to be associated with TSS. Besides, it is non-absorbent and does not dry out the body’s natural fluids. Detail information is as below

Diva Cup Model 1

  • Clean, Comfortable, Convenient
  • Eco friendly product
  • Proven Reliable Protection.
  • Top Grade Silicone material without latex, rubber, plastic or BPA
  • Cotton Carry Bag & Diva Lapel Pin Included!


The diva cup model 1 is a good way for you to safe money. You do not need to use pads and tampons any more.

It is easy to use, you can leave it in for a long time.

It brings a lot of convenience to you. It works well when you are laying down.


No complaint about this great model.

Customer Review

Really enjoy this The diva cup model 1. Took 2 days to totally adjust and I pretty much look forward to my next cycle. I feel so much improved not adding additional waste to our land fills with dirty tampons plus the plastic applicators and all of the paper waste that comes with them. I wish I’d have discovered of this sooner and I want I could afford to get 1 for all my buddies.

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In no way going back to pads and tampons. This does take a little bit finding made use of to, but I located that it was a great deal additional hassle-free after I got the hang of it. It’s also a lot more comfortable than pads/tampons. And no cloying feminine hygiene product smell!


Overall, the The diva cup model 1 will completely change your attitude about the period. Have a try and you will like it.