Tell you how to store goji berries at home

Goji berries have its fruit once a year, if you want to eat them all year long, it is necessary to store it properly at home in order to keep it in good condition. Here we tell you how to store goji berries at home.

Store Goji Berries at home

You can dry the Goji berries in food dehydrator or in the sun. It is not necessary store the dried goji berries in a sealed container. But it is better to keep the temperature below 30 centigrade in order to keep it fresh.

Goji berries are picked during a three to four month period once a year and their shelf life is generally two to three years from the date they are picked and dried. If un-refrigerated, its shelf will be less. If you refrigerate the goji berries, you might therefore easily extend the expiry date by at the very least yet another 12 months. I like to evaluate the storage of goji berries with sultanas or nuts usually. This can be very good for you personally to know in the event you acquire big quantities of goji berries, or you just want to take them camping with you.

Someone said that the taste of the goji berry is better when it is at room temperature, so it could be a good idea to keep about 200gms in a screw top jar in your kitchen or workplace, so you can have the best taste and keep the rest in great condition.

Here we give some tips for you to store Goji berries at home, hope these information can be helpful for you.

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