Tell you how to do jackknife crunches in 5 steps

Everyone is busy today so do not have enough to have cardiovascular workout, jack knife crunches can be a good exercise for you. As an variation of standard crunch, jackknife crunches will get your heart rate up, strengthen your core and leg muscles and give your abdominal muscles a serious workout. Here we tell you how to do jackknife crunches in 5 steps.

jackknife crunches guide

  • Step 1: Lie your back on exercise bench first. Put your legs to the end of the bench and your upper thighs down. Your back should be pressed flat against the bench. And your hands should be clasped behind your head.
  • Step 2: Raise your upper body by pulling it into a sitting position using only your abdominal muscles. You should not sit straight up, but rather reach a half-sitting position. You can either leave your legs extended or draw them in toward your chest.
  • Step 3: Then it is time to tense your abs. Hold the above position for as few seconds. The important thing is to pause and tense your abs to hold yourself upright. If you have drawn your legs up as well, this will require good balance as well as intense abdominal focus.
  • Step 4: Now return to your starting position and then gently lower your body back to the bench by your abdominal muscle. Do not allow yourself to fall backward as it might cause back and neck injuries.
  • Step 5: Repeat 1 – 4 steps if you want to have quick workout, repeat at least 20 times a day. But anyway, remember that it is better to do fewer repetitions correctly than a large number incorrectly

Here we share experience to do jackknife crunches in 5 steps. Hope it can be helpful for you.